The Membership

What is the Ensure IT membership and why is it for me?

The truth is we believe most people have the skill and knowledge to fix their own computer.

When computers first started appearing in homes in 1980s, over 35+ years ago, they were big clunky boxes with big clunky monitors, the internet did not exist and you really needed to know what you were doing to do anything.  Computers have changed since then and so have the people who fix them.

Computer Repair was expensive and time-consuming, people who repaired computers became “Geeks” and you really needed to know what you were doing to do anything.

Fast forward to today.  Geeks rule the world, computers are fast, repair is even faster and internet is everywhere.  The big difference today, TIME.  No longer do people tolerate lost time with their work, lost time with the clients and lost time with their loved ones.  Weather you have decided to fix a computer problem yourself or have done the math and realized that it is cheaper to hire someone the problem does need to be fixed.  We offer a solution that guarantees you get help when you need it from a local, proven and trusted source.

Why spend time trudging through piles of information on the internet for a one time repair?  For as little as $19.99 a month you can call an expert who fields thousands of questions a month related your computer problems.

Would you like your repair time to be 10 hours or 10 minutes?

Check out our membership and find out how the right people save your business time and money.

Micro Business
Up to 5 computers
Unlimited Phone Consultation
Reduced Hourly Rates
Bundled Hourly Rates
Free Onsite Computer Checkup and Cleaning (for up to 5 computers $374.95)
Plus three Free hours Onsite Or Remote Support (yearly)**
Access to a courtesy Laptops in Emergencies
Complete Network Audit
Network Efficiency Report
Network Upgrade Schedule
Up to 3 Computer
Unlimited Phone Consultation
Free Onsite Computer Checkup {$74.99 value}
Reduced Hourly Rates
Access to a courtesy Laptop in Emergencies
Plus Two Free hours Onsite Or Remote Support (annual membership)**
1 computer
Unlimited Phone Consultation